Creativebug - Watercolor FAQs Part 2

You asked and Yao answered!

In this Part 2 FAQ interview with Creativebug (released today!), Yao continues answering a lot of frequently asked questions that she has received from her students!  She provides insight into her watercolor methodology, the types of tools she would recommend beginners to invest in, and shares some of her favorite painting supplies.  She talks about why she chooses certain art supplies over others (tube paint vs. paint blocks - where does one even begin?) and the pros and cons of textured watercolor paper.

Later on in the class, as Yao talks about the technical aspects of her process, students will learn the importance of reference photos, not only for subject matter, but for color composition as well.  The world is full of infinite colors, so she explains the importance of creating a basic color palette before beginning a new piece to prevent feeling overwhelmed. 

Not only are there lots of great technical tips about using watercolor, but she also shares her thoughts about where she finds her inspirations.  She talks about how she pulls certain aspects from an inspiration and brings her own spin on that idea.  This is something that she really encourages all of her students to try and do, once they have a good grasp on the technique skills. When you are able to pin point what it is that you are inspired by and can take creative license to reinterpret it with your own style, that is when your work becomes truly yours!

So there you have it, a quick sneak peek to the Yao's latest Creativebug class, "Watercolor FAQ's - Part 2"!  If you have yet to see Part 1, in which Yao gives insight into her creative process and how she developed her unique and beautiful style, be sure to check it out!

Lastly, for those who are interested in learning to paint with watercolor, be sure to check out Yao's collection of Creativebug classes (if you haven't done so already!), such as her "Beginning Watercolor" and "Intermediate Watercolor" series.  These tutorials give beginners a great foundation and start to try their hand at watercolor painting.

So, give these watch a listen and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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