Hello everyone!

Back by popular demand, we have an all-new painting series launching on Creativebug today!  In my Daily Painting Challenge, I will teach you the various brush strokes to paint the petals and leaves of popular flowers such as dahlias, poppies, peonies and hydrangeas for the month of July. The objectives of these daily lessons are to sharpen your brush skills, discover new color combinations, and learn how to capture light, energy, and movement in your own floral interpretations!

Painting botanicals is one of my truest passions, as I am constantly fascinated by the endless combinations of colors, textures, and variety of florals found in nature - each flower has its own distinct personality!  So, when I am inspired and have an idea I want to put on paper, I try to identify the key characteristics of that particular flower and accentuate them in my paintings.  Throughout the creative process, I'm looking to capture the impression of what I want to say rather than a photo-realistic image.  This allows room for my own imaginings and interpretations!  I stress this point often because this Daily Flower class is not about learning how to paint a lifelike flower, but rather we will be relying heavily on our own artistic license to reinterpret and create alongside our image references!

While I have been painting flowers for many years, recently I have been wanting to delve deeper into this subject matter and discover new varieties of blooms.  Over the course of teaching this class, I not only learned about new types of plants, but I became even more confident in my artistic skills!  I know you all will feel the same way as you work your way through these daily paintings.  By challenging yourself to paint everyday, it will allow you time to hone your skills little by little.  And along the way, you will become more comfortable with your brush strokes and begin to build on the techniques you have learned from the days before!

I recommend this class to those of you who are familiar with my painting techniques, no matter your skill level.  You can check out my Beginning Watercolor class if you would like more practice with basic techniques or take my Intermediate Watercolor class for an overview of floral painting!

Being able to paint everyday is really a treat for yourself.  So join me on this amazing journey, you will surprise yourself with new discoveries of various botanicals and gain a new sense of creative confidence!



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