Watercolor Workshops

Hello everyone!  Our July in-person workshop was such a hit, so much so that we just added a few more for the rest of 2017!  It was a great opportunity to meet new friends, talk about what painting means to me and share some of my watercolor methods with everyone.

One of the things that watercolor continues to teach me (I feel like I'm always learning something new) is how to be present.  Maybe it's the fluid movement or the instant blend of colors that always pulls me right into a particular moment.  Whatever it is, this medium always captures my complete attention.  When I am 100% immersed in painting, everything calms down and I am no longer thinking about a million other things.  This shift in focus to the process of creating is what I try to emphasize in each class.  Not only does this provide a more relaxing experience, but it can also teach us about how to think on our feet and improvise!  The result is acquiring more artistic confidence because you are not relying on any one idea that you have planned ahead.  You are forced to create on the fly and trust your gut more than anything else!

I really take my role as a teacher to heart.  I think part of being an effective teacher is being able to work with each student individually and cater my instructions based on their particular skill level.  These workshops allow me to do exactly this.  I get to chat with each of my students individually and work with each of them one-on-one!  I, myself, find that to be the best way to learn because there are a lot of questions that arise as I'm trying out a new technique or medium.  It's also important to be in the right environment and create the right mindset as we sit down to paint.  This is why I love that I can host these workshops in my own studio.  Being in a physical space that's designed to feel inspiring is a big part of what gets my brain gears turning on an everyday basis! 

Over the course of 3 hours, I will go over basic techniques and my approach to watercolor, as well as demonstrate throughout class.  It's remarkable how much a student's work can progress by the end!  Our Beginner and Holiday classes are open to people of all skill levels.  They are a great intro class for people who are not familiar with this medium, but are also valuable to students with some experience who want to learn my particular style of painting.  In these workshops, I cover basic techniques and a range of subject matters, but we spend the majority of class painting and learning by doing.  The Intermediate Floral workshop is more about painting different varieties of flowers and requires some familiarity with the medium. We will spend a lot of time studying specific parts of the flower and how to capture different the characteristics of blooms.

These classes are a great weekend activity for you and your friends to attend because they are not structured like traditional art classes.  I want to show you how fun painting with watercolor can be.  Yes, I  will go over basic painting methods, but it's more about exploring on your own rather than me teaching you about a specific way to paint! 

Along with each class, we also offer a basic painting kit of supplies, based on my years of experience and what brings forth the best results with watercolor.  If this is your first workshop with us, I strongly recommend purchasing one of these with the class so that you can continue painting and creating at home!  Plus, we also include resources about recommended supplies, tips and techniques so that you can always have reminders and pointers in front of you once you leave the class.

So go check out our new workshop dates for the rest of 2017!  I hope to meet you in Columbus, Ohio for an afternoon of painting.  You can also read more about our workshop over on Columbus Underground or feel free to email us with any questions!



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