We have a special release to share with you all!  From today until Friday, 10/6 (ending at midnight, PST), we are selling two limited-time art prints in our shop.  These prints are only available for sale during these 2 weeks and will not be found anywhere else afterwards, so if you are looking for something that is one-of-a-kind to snatch up, go check them out now!

Dahlia Flourish was born out of a new collection of floral prints that I created this summer.   While I was researching new botanicals to teach for my recent Daily Painting Challenge with Creativebug, I fell in love with some new blooms - dahlias being one of them!  I found many new varieties of them and their vibrant colors really appeal to me.  These flowers feel powerful, full of emotion and body.  There is certainly a point of view and draw to them that really intrigues me.  I've struggled with dahlias before, mainly because they can be generic in shape and it's a challenge to veer from painting a cliche, round, symmetric flower when the subject itself is exactly that.  However, once I looked at all the different types of dahlias, I found qualities outside of their rounded bodies.  For example, they are super intense in color, particularly in a directional way that starts from the center and extends out.  This gives the flower the sense of life and dimension that I was really after.  Dahlia Flourish is only the beginning of my quest for painting this extraordinary plant, but I think this painting is special in its directness to demonstrate this.  This piece is all about this flower, and the berries are only accentuating elements of color!

   Dahlia Flourish     l   Gems Overlay     I Yao Cheng Design

Dahlia Flourish   l Gems Overlay   I Yao Cheng Design

   Dahlia Flourish     l   Yao Cheng Design

Dahlia Flourish   l   Yao Cheng Design

Gems Overlay was one of the many pieces that I created while searching for what I wanted to say with my new abstract paintings.  I have a loving struggle with abstracts.  It's a subject matter that I really love and is what I launched my business with.  Blue Waves, for example, was one of the first prints that I sold, and yet, I go through months where I don't know how to continue pushing and discovering new ideas or layouts for abstract pieces.  One would think that abstracts are the easiest subject matter to paint because they are simple in shape and very open to interpretation.  When I'm in the right frame of mind, they do come to me very easily, but when I try to force an idea of them, it usually does not go anywhere.  That creative process can be very frustrating, but is totally necessary because, after that point of frustration, it is usually then that I arrive at something great and refreshing - and that's how Gems Overlay came about!  It was after about 6 or 7 study pieces (that I did not necessarily love - either because of color or layout), that I finally felt like I had a painting that said what I wanted to say.  I love this artwork because it's different in layout from my other abstracts.  I also wanted to highlight the translucent quality of watercolor here, so there are lots of layering involved, as well as unplanned blends that are found throughout. 

Go check out these "gems" before they disappear on October 6th!



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