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Licensing our existing artworks for your project is a great and expedited way to bring Yao’s art to your designs and products! We have collaborated with companies on licensing artworks in a variety of industries from publishing, fabrics and drinkware. These projects enable Yao’s watercolors to not only be enjoyed as beautiful art but also as functional art.

Our design process for licensing existing artworks is fairly straight-forward. Once we have an idea of what the needs are for the project, Yao will create a curated pdf that will provide a cohesive line-up of potential artworks. These designs can then be further customized with colorations and scale variations to perfect the collection. We work closely with our clients from initial artworks review to final product and even marketing post-production to ensure that everything is cohesive and perfected.

To get started, browse our pattern library to view our extensive selection of patterns that are available for both non-exclusive and exclusive licensing. Please fill out this form to request access to our online pattern library!

See Projects for a sample of our past partnerships. Please fill out the form or email us for project inquiries and our full portfolio! Yao is represented by Ryan Appleton on licensing and commercial projects.

EMAIL: Ryan Appleton

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