painting in watercolor

In the studio, my work always begin with a brush on paper. My brushes and watercolors are tools of how I express myself, they are my visual vocabulary to my creative ideas. Painting for me is not only about the final artwork, it's also about being in the moment and creating each stroke with intention and purpose. Oftentimes, I begin painting with only a general idea or feeling, and the rest is improvised as the painting evolves...

I usually start the sketching process with small paintings that allow me to explore different aspects of the finished piece. One painting can be about finding the right arrangement of flowers for a bouquet, and another can be about how to layer with certain shapes. My brush is the only tool I use for both sketching and painting. Being able to jump right into painting rather than sketching with a pencil allows me to not take the final painting so seriously. It could be the first piece that I create, or it can take 6 pieces to reach the right one. Approaching my work this way frees me from any expectation of what a painting should be, and this is where the creativity begins. Every stroke, every color is a reaction, a conversation from this shape to the next.

Once a painting is finished, it is brought into the computer for the design part of the process. We edit the work minimally at this point to preserve the watercolor feel. Whether it becomes a product in our shop or a design for a client, the integrity of the artwork is always the most important part. If the work cannot speak for itself visually, if there is no meaningful intention behind the work, then it is not worth sharing with the world. That’s why with our products, the materials & production process are all thoughtfully considered. We want to create pieces that are not only beautiful, but also durable and functional. You can see more about my process work and daily inspirations on Instagram and Facebook, or check out my video tutorial series on Creativebug!

Looking to learn how to paint watercolor? Come attend one of my in-person workshops here in Columbus, Ohio!