our creative space

Our design studio is located in the heart of downtown Columbus, Ohio.  This bright and open space is where Yao creates her extensive collection of paintings that is the driving force behind everything we do.  Her painted works are designed into our various product lines and clientele work.  Being right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life has a certain energy that inspires us to continue growing and craft new ideas everyday!  Other than a design studio, we also meet with our local clients here, and host our local Rise & Design monthly meet-ups and Yao's in-person painting workshops

A "dream" space for Yao, it is filled with images and objects that spark creativity and allows her plenty of room to experiment & explore new ideas.  Read more about our space and an interview with Yao over on the Metropreneur

If you'd like to come by and say hello, book an appointment with us and we would love to meet you! We also have all of our products on display so it's a great opportunity to see & shop them in person!

  Lily Dent for  The Metropreneur

Lily Dent for The Metropreneur